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The Variety Arts Radio Theater
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The Adventures Of
Doc Savage
A new series of radio adventures
based on the novels by Lester Dent

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Robert Towers (Monk), Art Dutch (Ham Brooks), Bill Ratner (Renny Renwick), Daniel Chodos (Doc Savage), Kimit Muston (Johnny Littlejohn), Scott McKenna (Long Tom Roberts). Right: Robin Riker is Doc Savage's heroic cousin Pat Savage.
      Photos by Roger Rittner , appearing with an article by Will Murray, from Starlog #101, December 1985.


Daniel Chodos . . . . . . Doc Savage
Robert Towers . . . . . . Monk
Art Dutch . . . . . . . . . . Ham Brooks
Bill Ratner  . . . . . . . . . Renny Renwick
Kimit Muston . . . . . . . Johnny Littlejohn
Scott McKenna . . . . . .Long Tom Roberts
Robin Riker . . . . . . . . .Patricia Savage

Additional voices: Douglas Coler, William Irwin, Bob Farley, Michael McConnohie, Glen Shadix, Bob Lines, Marcia Kramer, and Ann Ross.

Sound Effects by David Surtees, assisted by Jerry Williams

Production Assistance by Samantha Kimmel and Doris Christie

Engineering by Denny King

The Adventures of Doc Savage is Produced and Directed by Roger Rittner and is a production of The Variety Arts Radio Theater.

The Adventures of Doc Savage is made possible by a grant from the Transamerica Life Companies and the local Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance Representatives. Additional support for the national distribution of the programs comes from NPR member stations and the National Public Radio Arts and Performance Fund. Contributors to the fund include The Ittelson Foundation and The Herman Goldman Foundation of New York City. Additional support is provided by EFX Systems, Burbank, California and the National Endowment for the Arts. The Adventures of Doc Savage is an NPR Playhouse presentation.

So, Where Are They Now?

Cast member Michael McConnohie discovered my page and e-mailed me with several cast-member spelling corrections, but also this footnote:

"Glenn [Shadix], by the way, has been a busy actor in film and TV. He was the recurring giant in Hercules and Xena, has done a ton of voicework -- many animation series, and the Mayor in Nightmare Before Christmas. He's done over two dozen films, including Dunston Checks In, Demolition Man (with Sly Stallone), Beetlejuice, as well as the upcoming Planet of the Apes from Fox."

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