The 86th Floor
The Novels
Maybe you saw the movie first. Maybe it was the Marvel black & white comics, or reading the back of a Slurpee cup. Whatever incarnation of Doc Savage got you interested in the bronze man, it was most definitely the novels that got you  hooked. This area of The Eighty-Sixth Floor is my tribute to the original, literary world of Doc Savage.

Cast of Characters
If you're new to the Doc Savage mythos, better stop in here for a quick look at Doc Savage, and his aides -- the five greatest brains ever assembled! Plus Pat, pets, and sound files!

The Forgotten Realm
When Bantam Books set about reprinting the Doc Savage stories, they left behind the rest of what fans were treated to in the '30s: Art! Essays! Letters! ...And the original endings!

The List Oasis
Well, I had to post a list of all of Doc's novels. Mine's in the order of original publication, with notations for Street & Smith volume number, Bantam number & pub. date, author, cast, significant events, and Philip José Farmer's Apocalyptic Life chronology.

Need a little background on the Man of Bronze and the era that spawned him? Drop in here for some perspective on the grandfather of superheroes.

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