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I could have called this page "miscellaneous," but that wouldn't have captured the irrepressable spirit of the Doc Savage Mythos -- that Doc Savage continues to inspire fans and creators, even when his books are not in print.

Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze, 2001(?)
A new Doc Savage movie is in production, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here, I've posted the Variety article that's set Doc fandom on its ear, as well as a couple of teaser-style movie trailers for the forthcoming film of my own design, animated with FLASH.

Doc Savage: Man of Bronze, 1975
Someday I will lavish on this movie the attention it doesn't deserve. For now, read this...

The Fandom Detective
The Fandom Detective has tracked down information about and for a legion of Doc Savage fans -- where to go online, what to read offline.

Cool Downloads
In the 1930s, Doc Savage was a state-of-the-art adventurer. Today's net-savvy fans would have to agree; They can download wav sound files, rare images ...and now Acrobat files!

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