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What draws fans of the Doc Savage novels to Doc Savage comic books, like moths to the flame? Every year, it seems, a comic book company announces they're doing "the true Doc." Every year we get burned. But hope springs eternal, because a literary character that inspired so many cartoon adventurers and their creators, should make a fantastic comic! Most recently Dark Horse failed, and the option is in limbo. It would take a very talented, influential Doc fan to turn around his comic book prospects.

Note to industry: A painted graphic novel is the only way to go! We grew up on Bama, not Byrne.

By popular demand! A list of every Doc Savage comic book story (I'm pretty sure), with number, date, and pricing information. Not included are uncredited appearances, like The Rocketeer (his best four-color incarnation!), or the recent Superman "Pulp Heroes" Annual (No.9).

Street & Smith Stories

  The three stories excerpted here from 1940s issues of Doc Savage Comics and Shadow Comics, which have been a popular feature of this site since 1996, have been removed at the (polite) request of Conde Nast Publications' legal representatives.

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