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Designers' Resouces
I thought I'd try something new here. As a graphic designer with an interest in Doc, I have a lot of random Doc files on my hardrive. Why not put them to good use -- share them with other designers or webmasters? Do we all need to be plotting a vector version of the Doc Savage logo, when I've been there and done that?

Web-Ready Graphics
Putting together a Doc Savage web page, but don't have the time, equipment or software to give it a zingy header? Try one of these, on me.

Vector Files
These are EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files that I created using Adobe Illustrator. This means they can be: opened at any resolution with an imaging program like Adobe Photoshop; "placed" or "inserted" into a desktop publishing document and printed at any size (This would be QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, or even Word with the proper graphics filters); imported into a 3-D rendering program and extruded; or opened in a vector drawing program (Illustrator or Freehand) and altered. I saved them in an IBM format, which should work for IBM or Mac. Let me know of any problems.

Bantam Logo (44k) | Movie Logo (flat bottom) (35k)
Magazine Logo (19k) | Club Logo (68k)

3-D Model
This is the 3-D model of the 1930s Doc Savage magazine logo that I used to create my original web page logo. It's not just extruded, it's acutally beveled. I created it using Ray Dream Designer 3.1.1, but saved it in a DXF format. Let me know if this is at all useful. 3-D Logo Model (203k)

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