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From George Pal's
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze

From the opening:

      "This is Doc Savage (drums)...The Man of Bronze!"
      (191k) WAV

      "Have no fear, the Man of Bronze is here! (ding)" (93k) WAV

      "Long live the man of bronze! Long live the man of bronze!"
      (188k) WAV     Music by John Philip SoUSA, adapted by Frank DeVol,
          Lyrics by Don Black

Lines from the Code, recited by Doc Savage (Ron Ely):

      "Let us strive, every moment of our lives to make ourselves
      better and better, to the best of our ability, so that all may profit       by it." (152k) WAV

      "Let us do right to all, and wrong no man." (77k) WAV

From NPR's
The Adventures of Doc Savage

This program opens each episode with the following:

      Here comes Monk Mayfair, the ape-like chemist
      "Blazes!" (26k) WAV (Robert Towers)

      Ham Brooks, the sword-wielding lawyer
      "Take that!" (29k) WAV (Art Dutch)

      Renny Renwick, the two-fisted engineer
      "Holy cow!" (27k) WAV (Bill Ratner)

      Long Tom Roberts, the adventurous electrical genius
      "Pipe-down you guys." (33k) WAV (Scott McKenna)

      Johnny Littlejohn, the fighting archeologist
      "I'll be superamalgamated!" (36k) WAV (Kimit Muston)

      and their leader, the greatest adventure hero of the 1930s,
      the man of bronze, Doc Savage.

Rounding out Doc's team is his cousin Pat Savage (portrayed by actress Robin Riker), here's a good line from Fear Key:

"(chuckle) The love of hunting trouble must run in the Savage blood!" (84k) WAV

Daniel Chodos' higher register did not make for as good a Doc Savage as Ron Ely, and is not included here.

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