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Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze

  Japanese Program NEW 7.01
This 16-page booklet produced in japan makes the movie look adventurous and stunning. Includes many production photos (in both black & white and color) not seen elsewhere.

  Movie Poster
This image (93k) was meticulously scanned, in pieces, from the poster of the George Pal film and digitally stitched together.

  Video Box Artwork
This artwork (89k) -- original to the video, I assume -- makes the film look more "Indiana Jones."

  Corgi Paperbacks
Published in Great Britain
#2 The Thousand-Headed Man (80k)
#3 Meteor Menace (68k)

Bama artwork doctored, to be more in line with the George Pal film! And switched! Replace crocs with snakes, and Fantastic Island becomes The Thousand Headed Man! Bama's Murder Melody is reconfigured as Meteor Menace (blue covers, alliterative "M" titles? I was confused anyway!)

  British Statue
One ugly m.f. (59k), but desirable, perhaps, for it's very cheesiness!

Photo: Jim Gould

  Doctorate in Savagery
My copy (20k) was originally handed out at the Fourth American Nostalgia Convention with a letter from George Pal and an "autographed" Ron Ely picture.

Download and print a reproduction of this certificate from my Acrobat page!

The Brotherhood of Bronze

  Supergraphics Pin
This version(36k) was designed by Jim Steranko.

  Graphitti Designs Badge
True believer Bob Chapman had to abandon his plans for a modern Doc Savage club, but not before minting an exquisite new badge (48k), and printing a concise, thorough list of Doc stories.

Digital Art

  Doc Savage as Santa Claus
(Both have North Pole residences. A coincidence?)
Here's an image (80k) I created digitally from a number of Bantam book covers, for a Christmas card I sent out in 1994. You can see that Doc is from Phantom City, but look in "Santa's" bag (made from the Mystic Mullah tunic) for items from The Annihilist, Land of Fear, Resurrection Day, and The Thousand-Headed Man.

Paperback Covers
If it's more of James Bama's incredible, photo-realistic art you are looking for, go immediately to Jeff Sine's site for an incredible, complete collection of Bantam paperback scans!

'70s Collectibles
You won't believe the fun to be had at Jim Gould's Site. Jim's got foreign movie posters, slurpee cups, and more!

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