The 86th Floor
Fandom Detective
The Fandom Detective is on the trail of Doc Savage fans, who are out there collecting, messaging, writing, creating web sites -- even while their hero languishes in forced retirement thanks to the property's bungling, out-of-touch owner, Condé Nast, and its equally evil publishing crony, Bantam Books.

Now the Fandom Detective's rounded up the usual suspects...

The Essential Web Sites


Jeff Sines'
Doc Savage Web Page
Jeff has assembled images of ALL the pulps and paperbacks (along with story blurbs). Plus he maintains THE list of online Doc Savage fans, the Internet Fans of Bronze, as well as lists of wants and trades for collectors. In his spare time he spearheaded the Doc Savage Web Ring! Genius!


Chuck Welch's
Hidalgo Trading Company
Chuck's site trades in thoughts, not goods. A great collection of fan essays and artwork. The closest I've seen anyone come to presenting a Doc fanzine online. Go here for the best in original Doc material.


Alain Berguerand's
Doc Savage in French
A complete account of Doc's history in France, from the '30s to the present -- including volumes published more recently than the latest American book! Now bigger and badder than it was when it was part of The 86th Floor!


Scott Cranford's
Doc FAQ and Web Page

Larry Widen's
Arch Enemy of Evil

Jim Gould's
Doc Savage Collection

This is the tip of the iceberg, my friends! For Doc Savage has a very active and creative group of friends on the Web. Until I can write helpful capsule reviews for all the sites, I'd better leave you in the hands of professionals. No one keeps track of Doc Savage Sites quite like:

dotPulp  |  St. Jeffrey of Sines

Best Bet: Put yourself in the hands of the WebRing!!

The Essential Fanzine
Howard Wright's Bronze Gazette -- The Unofficial Magazine for the Fan of Bronze -- is an excellent 5.5"w X 8.5"h fanzine that does Doc proud -- very proud. Recent issues have had some great original fiction, even an unpublished radio script! Color cover! Subscriptions are $16.50 a year for three issues. Write to:

Howard Wright
Green Eagle Publications
2900 Standiford Ave.
Suite 136
Modesto, CA 95350

The Essential Newsgroup, of course.

The Essential Book
If you haven't already, get your hands on a copy of "Doc Savage: Arch Enemy of Evil", a thrilling reference tome which includes all the plots of all the stories, along with all the covers of all the pulps and paperbacks (printed in black & white). Some foreign versions are thrown in as well. It recently had a second printing, and may still be available for $30.00 (shipping incl. Go immediately to Larry Widen's website Arch Enemy of Evil. Or inquire to:

Larry Widen
2181 N. 65th Street
Wauwatosa, WAI 53213

The Essential Merchandise
Graphitti Designs has produced an array of breathtaking merchandise: prints, t-shirts, sculptures, and a pin!
(Site designed by me.)

The Essential Plug
For a brief bio (and more web sites) of The 86th Floor's author/designer, Chris Kalb, go here.

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