Reprinted from the October 1935 issue of Doc Savage Magazine

F R O M     O U R     M E M B E R S

CARL SMITH, Kentucky.
      I have been reading your magazine for over a year and find it the best dime's worth of entertainment anywhere. I have been trying to live up to your wonderful Code, and have so far succeeded.
      When I first started reading your magazine, my mother happened to see it. Two minutes later, when I entered the living room, mother was deeply absorbing the contents of your magazine. Now we argue over who is to read it first.
      Enclosed you will find a membership coupon and three coupons for the Doc Savage portrait.
      I hope to see this letter in print. If it was, it would please a certain little thirteen year old boy very much. Well, I guess I'll say so long until the next time.
      I have just started reading your wonderful magazine and am going to be a constant reader from now on, and have passed my magazines to several friends who also agree with me that it is a wonderful magazine. I am going to follow George E. Meekma's idea in giving only one magazine to a friend and hiding the rest.
      Please accept my application blank to become a member.
      Please enroll me in your club as a member: Enclosed you will find twenty cents in stamps for the club emblem and rubber stamp. I've just finished reading "The Roar Devil," which was very good. I agree with Esther Press of New York when she stated in the June issue, "Please give us photos of Monk, Ham, Johnny, Renny, Long Tom and Haheas Corpus." I think it is a very good idea, don't you think so, Doc Savage readers?
      I received the portrait of Doc Savage and it was very beautiful.
BILL LEAMAN, North Carolina.
      I am a boy of fifteen. My mother and father are both dead and I am staying with my brother, who started me reading the Doc Savage Magazine. I have just finished "The Roar Devil" and I think it is wonderful that you can print such swell stories for ten cents.
      Here's luck to the Doc Savage Club.
      Let me congratulate you for publishing such a fine magazine as the Doc Savage Magazine.
      For almost a year now I have been reading your Doc Savage stories, and from the first time I was thoroughly convinced that it is one of the best magazines on sale.
      I have recommended this magazine to most of my friends, all of them say that it's swell. They, including myself, have often remarked that it would be a good idea if the Doc Savage Magazine would be published more often than once a month.
      Well, here's one of Doc Savage's world-wide fans, wishing for more thrills to all of his coming stories.
      Kindly enroll me as a member of the Doc Savage Club, and enclosed you will find ten cents in coin.
      I think that the Doc Savage Magazine is the best there is. It is wholesome and full of interesting and useful ideas. Johnny's long words are useful and most of my friends think I am crazy but my vocabulary is certainly long, aided by Johnny's interesting comments.
        I never before have written to a publisher about a magazine, but I am doing so now because I feel that this is the best one there is and always will be. Luck to you and keep up your splendid work.
D. W. CAMERON, Ontario, Canada.
      I am a regular reader of the Doc Savage Magazine, and I think it is the finest I have ever read. I know of no other that can compare with it for cleanliness. The first copy I ever read was entitled "The Sargasso Ogre." Since then I've always managed to get a copy of it every month, and am now an enthusiastic reader.
      I think this club is a swell idea and would be much obliged if you would accept me as a member.
      This is to let you know how happy I would be to become a member of the Doc Savage Club. The Doc Savage Magazine is the best I have ever read. If every one lived up to the Code, I think every one would be happy. I have read every Doc Savage Magazine that has been published, and I could go on reading them forever.
      Please make me a member of your club and I promise that I shall live the Code and be a true and honest citizen, for I am against crime.
JACK COX, Illinois.
      There are many fiction magazines on the market to-day. I have tried them all, and have found that there are only two I like exceptionally well. They are: Doc Savage Magazine, and The Shadow Magazine, Doc Savage being my favorite. This is my idea of a real adventurous, exciting, clean book. I have just finished reading "Quest of Qui," in which Doc, I think, is at his best.
RUTH WILLIAMS, California.
      I have been reading the Doc Savage Magazine for some time, and I think it is the finest I have ever read. I have always read good books and magazines. I class Doc Savage among the best.
      I would like it if you would enroll me in the Doc Savage Club. I will gladly recommend your magazine to all of my friends, and I wish it many years of success.
I. E. GOFF, England.
      I do not know if you receive letters from England congratulating you on your fine stories in the Doc Savage Magazine, but I felt that I must write.
      The last book I read featuring Doc Savage was called, "The Red Snow," which I thought was marvelous.
      I would very much like to be a member of your club. If it is possible, will vou kindly write to the above address and give me particulars?
      In my opinion, Doc Savage Magazine is the best magazine on the market. I like the stories because they are about scientific devices. If these devices were perfected, the world would be more advanced.
      Since my first issue, my interest has never waned. I am a Scout, and I think that if every Scout would read Doc Savage Magazine, and belong to this club, he would be living up to the Scout oath and law. I hope you don't mind if I give your magazine a knock, but I think that the stories are not as good as they used to be. I think if Doc and his pals went to some foreign land, your readers would like it better.
      Since you published the exercises, I have been doing them and I am getting good results.

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