Reprinted from the September 1935 issue of Doc Savage Magazine

F R O M     O U R     M E M B E R S

DOMINIC CERVAS, Pennsylvania.
      Ever since I laid my eyes on "The Land of Terror" I have shared the suspense and anticipation experienced by thousands of other Doc Savage Magazine readers. I immensely enjoyed the more super-science and adventure types of this magazine, as "The Man Who Shook the Earth," "Meteor Menace," "The King Maker," "Fear Cay," "The Mystic Mullah" and "Spook Legion" to the more detective type as "The Monster," "Death In Silver," "The Sea Magician" and others, although they were very good. Another point! Why not make an effort to publish this magazine twice a month? I just finished reading "The Roar Devil" and am anxiously awaiting the next issue to observe the Doc Savage exercises. This announcement was the best I ever saw in this fine magazine.
      I have missed only two magazines since "Death In Silver." I am an enthusiast for Doc and his pals. I would like more stories that have to do with his dirigibles, airplanes, submarines, chemicals, grenades and other scientific paraphernalia.
      I have my copy of "The Roar Devil" right here beside me. I am half way through it and think it is great.
      I think "The Annihilist" was the best story so far. I am thirteen years old. I have read most my copies twice.
      I think the club and Code are great.
      Your article on Page 108, of the June, 1935, issue, entitles "James of Uncle Sam's Fighting Fleet" was very interesting. Keep Monk and Ham fighting. Good luck for Doc, dapper Ham, ferocious Monk, big-fisted Renny, big-worded Johnny, and Long Tom. Yes, and Habeas Corpus.
      I am sending this letter to congratulate you on your success in publishing such a good magazine. I have no doubt that it is truly the best magazine on the market. I have read every issue since a friend called my attention to it two years ago. I also think the Code is the best part, for if every one lived up to it, this would be a much happier world.
      Please accept my application blank to become a member of the Doc Savage Club. I also give my hearty success to the Doc Savage Magazine, also to Doc Savage and his five aides--the pig included.
      I received my Doc Savage Club pin today and think it is super-malgorgeous. I wear it on my belt where it attracts attention. My mother, to whom I showed the Code, said that if any boy follows the Code he would grow up to be a real man and my father agrees with her.
      I think Doc Savage Magazine is one of the finest magazines on the market. I have been reading it for almost a year, but have a collection of magazines dating back to September, 1933.
      I have been a reader of your magazine which I consider one of the best published for both moral and entertaining purposes. Its clean codes and educational instruction, given in such a subtle and gripping manner, are the two most highly sought after factors by the American public.
      As one of your most enthusiastic readers, may I have the privilege of becoming a member of your Club?

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