Reprinted from the November 1935 issue of Doc Savage Magazine

F R O M     O U R     M E M B E R S

PHILIP CONRAD, Pennsylvania.
      I have just started reading Doc Savage Magazine and I think it is a swell magazine. I should have gotten the magazine before, but I didn't realize how good the stories were. I think it is the best book on the news stand. Last month's issue was swell--"The Quest of Qui" was a humdinger, too. I'll abide by the Code of Doc Savage in all my actions, to the best of my ability.

      I am an old member of the Doc Savage Club. I am enclosing ten cents for the Doc Savage badge. This is for my cousin. He got jealous because I could wear the badge anywhere on my clothing. The rest of the boys all admired my badge. I have an idea of making a Doc Savage Club. The boys used to go around with wooden pistols. I told them they might hit themselves in the eyes and get hurt. I asked them how they would like to hear a Doc Savage story. They all came unwillingly, but after the story they told me to buy some more books. I have every book beginning with "Death In Silver." I just finished reading "The Quest of Qui." Much luck to Doc and all his pals, including Pat and Monk's pet.

      Last summer my cousin came to Klinger Lake to visit us and with him he brought a Doc Savage Magazine "The Squeaking Goblin." After reading that, I wanted to get more of those magazines. Now I buy one every month. They are wonderful novels. Next year, for a Christmas present, my mother is going to let me subscribe for DOC Savage Magazine.
      I am sending a dime for the insignia plus another dime for the rubber stamp that you are also giving away.
    I have just finished reading "Quest of Qui." It was the best Doc Savage Magazine that I have ever read. Please put my letter in the back of your next magazine "Spook Hole." I have resolved to follow Doc Savage's method of self-development.

      I was never a magazine reader. I never thought that there would be a magazine to please me, but there was a boy in my neighborhood who read Doc Savage. One day he asked me, "Do you read Doc Savage?" I answered, "No." He said if you don't read Doc Savage you are missing an awful lot of thrills and adventure. I thanked the boy for his advice and bought a Doc Savage, which was three months ago. I read it all and to my surprise I found the book I desired. Ever since I am a Doc Savage fan.
      I have just finished reading "The Mystic Mullah" story and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Doc Savage Magazine is the only magazine on the news stand for me. Its stories are clean-cut and contain a good morale. Also, the features at the back are very interesting.
      I notice that some of the readers are suggesting that the Doc Savage Magazine be printed twice a month, but I feel this would cheapen the quality of this publication.

G. B. GREER, Missouri.
      I have just enrolled as a member of the Doc Savage Club, but haven't received my badge yet. I have read the Doc Savage and Shadow Magazine for some time and it would be hard to choose between thern.
      Say, tell Mr. Robeson I think he could make a dandy story based on the unusual heat of 1934. I hope this is printed for I have never written you before.

      Your Doc Savage Magazine provided me with excellent reading matter during the past year. I hope they will continue to be so brilliant and interesting in the years to come. Your characters, Doc and his five aids, thrill me tremendously. I find it very difficult to wait for the next issue.
      I enjoyed "The Land of Always Night" very much and hope the next issue will be as good. I wish you success and the best of luck.
      I promise to abide faithfully by the Doc Savage Code in all my actions.

      Kindly enroll me as a member in the Doc Savage Club. Also send me an oil portrait of Doc Savage.
      I can say without doubt that your magazine is the best on the market. I am one of those few Doc Savage fans who have read all the stories. Besides That, I have most of them. One thing I'll regret until my dying day. About a month before "Man of Bronze" went out of print, I sold my almost brand new issue, which I had saved, to another Doc Savage fan for the sum of fifty cents. I bought another issue of it in book form, but I would rather have that magazine back.
      A few weeks ago, I was discussing Doc Savage Magazine with a friend. We both agreed that the stories are improving. I think that your best story was "Land of Terror." That statement may start an argument, but I'm waiting for an answer to this "challenge" with a machine gun in each hand.

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