Reprinted from the August 1935 issue of Doc Savage Magazine

F R O M     O U R     M E M B E R S

      I have been a constant reader of your wonderful magazine, for some time, and think it is the most thrilling and above all, the cleanest of all magazines.
      I think that the Doc Savage Club is a wonderful organization, and I will do everything in my power to abide by the Code of the club.
      Kindly send me my Doc Savage insignia, which I will live up to by helping others, and also I would like the bronze emblem which I will proudly wear, doing right to every one and wronging nobody. I will close now, hoping to hear from you soon.
      Best of luck to your Doc Savage Magazine and club.

      I hope that I am still welcome in your group, but even if you have forgotten me, I suppose it will not matter.
      It has been somewhat over a year since I wrote my last letter to you. I would have written more, but I have been with my parents on an excursion party in South America and Mexico. I have certainly enjoyed the trip, and I have learned very many interesting things, and the habits, good and bad, of different people. But do not think that I have forgotten the Code which I signed.
It is not the proud boldness in a man, nor the pride or self-admiration which entirely makes the man. Courage, defiance, self-respect and value of honor urges a fine man on to victory. If more people abided by the pledge, our citizenship would be one hundred per cent human, and not so proud and haughty that they cannot help but be immortals. Is it fair? Answer it yourself. As it is, ninety-nine per cent of the men in the United States have gone wrong because they know not what true life is.
      Several years ago occurrences which happen now did not come as frequently. Do not think I am an angel. I arn not. I am like the rest of you, fighting and struggling for a place in life and a foothold on the slippery and slimy sides of dark tunnels which lead to happiness and trueness.
      Perhaps I am off the subject of my letter more than I should be, but I think it will do those good who read it.
      I wish you the best of luck with the greatest sincerity.

D.C. ENGSTROM, Colorado.
      I have been reading the Doc Savage Magazine for about two years, and I think it is one of the best magazines on the stands. As soon as my present subscription gives out I will renew it. I think if every one would live up to the Code of Doc Savage, this would be a better world.

      I just received my Doc Savage portrait, and I am so pleased with it that I want to express my thanks for your kind accommodations. (You should feel honored, for it is a memorable occasion when I get down to brass tacks and write.) I didn't receive it as soon as I expected, but one look at it and I realized what an avalanche of requests must come pouring in every day. The portrait exceeded my utmost expectations, and I will only be too glad to get portraits of Doc's men if you decide to issue them, too. May I compliment the shipping department on the good condition of the portrait after sojourn in the mail.
        Now I want to discuss the magazine. I am a consistent reader, having read alntost every type of magazine on the market continually, which I hope qualifies me in voicing an opinion of thc quality of your magazine. I am not exaggerating when I say that I prefer Doc Savage Magazine to any other on the market. I'd be willing to pay double the price of the magazine so as I wouldn't miss an issue. I haven't been reading Doc Savtage very long, since the first one I read was "The Thousandheaded Man," the July, 1934, issue. I just bought the April issue a couple of days ago and I have read it already. I always nave a pile of magazines on hand, but as soon as I obtain a Doc Savage, the others are put to one side. I'd like the magazine to come out twice a month, but then the magazine's standard might be lowered and the stories become trash, so I believe it is best to keep to the once-a-month schedule. I hope you take a lesson from other magazines which have twice-a-month issues, and stick to once a month.
      Last but not least, I want to talk about the club. I have looked over the clubs of other magazines, but I have been inclined to stay out of them. I have followed the Doc Savage club, and I like the idea of the goal for which the members strive. I am now going to join your club-the first one I am going to join.
      More power to the Doc Savage Magazine and club.

ELSIE BUSCH, California.
      I have read your magazine since its first issue and enjoy it immensely. The stories are entertaining and clean, and the Doc Savage Club is an inspiration. The Code is ideal, and the part "Let me take what comes with a smile, without loss of courage," hits me right through the heart because that's exactly what I wasn't doing. I am beginning life anew with the Doc Savage Code, and I hope to be the perfect member.

      I take great pleasure in reading Doc Savage Magazine, and I find it to be the best magazine of its kind on the market, for the reason that it is always a new story and a new character, and placed in a different part of the world. Reading such a book makes the reader long for the next issue. It also teaches the reader about different races of people and their methods of preventing crime.

      Herein I enclose my application for membership in your most wonderful club.
      I have a few friends who have enrolled and they say they are proud to wear the Doc Savage insignia, and I assure you that I would also be proud to sport this button, as it will help to lift the lagging spirits of others, and also my own in times of distress.

      I have read Doc Sovage Magazine for about two years now, and look anxiously forward to the time when my next issue comes to my home. Before I subscribed to the magazine, my dntg gist always reserved my copy for me. My mother never approved of my reading magazines until she read one of Doc Savage's stories one day. Now we both look forward to the arrival of a new magazine.
      I think the club Code is ideal for boys and girls of my age. I promise to live up to the Code to the best of my ability.

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