Reprinted from the November 1934 issue of Doc Savage Magazine

F R O M     O U R     M E M B E R S

DENVER GREEN, West Virginia.
      I have read your magazine from Volume 1, Number 1, the very first issue, and I think that it is the very best magazine on the market to-day regardless of price or size. It combines clean, wholesome literature with the zip and tang of action and adventure. It's hard to express the kind of satisfaction I feel when I settle into a chair and open the latest issue of your magazine. It's sort of a floating-on-air feeling. I don't have to tell the salesman at our nearest bookstore what magazine I want when I walk in. All I do is whistle and he hands me the newest Doc Savage. I've converted several of my friends to your magazine, too.
      I enclose my membership blank, please enroll me as a member of your club. I am hoping it will turn out up to my expectations. Yours is the only magazine club I ever joined. On the whole, your magazine is the best magazine in the good old U. S. A.

      May two girls tell you how much they enjoy your magazine and hope to enjoy the Doc Savage Club if you will let us? The stories about Doc are very educational as well as interesting, so we wish you plenty of luck, and hope you continue the good work.

HECTOR R. ANTON, California.
      I am sending in my application in order to join your club. I have been reading your magazine, and think it is one of the best in the market. I am only a boy of fourteen but, nevertheless, I want to join your club because I feel that now is the time to build up my ideals. If every young boy or girl joined and followed Doc Savage's creed, I think there would be less of the crime committed by minors and young men and women. I hope my application will be accepted. I am eagerly awaiting my membership card and pin.
  LEONARD ELKINS, Pennlsylvania.
      At last I've been forced to yield to temptation, so I'm writing to you.
      The stories are great. Each story seems better than the one preceding-if such is possible.
      The Code is an excellent idea. More luck to you. I should like to enroll. I hope I shall always be able to abide by its rule. Please send me the Doc Savage rubber stamp. Good Luck!

GLENN R. OGG, Canal Zone.
      Ihave been a regular reader of DOC Savage Magazine for the past six months and I think it is one of the best magazines on the market at the price. It is even better than some of the higherpriced magazines. I would not exchange my Doc Savage Magazine for any other magazine.

      I have been reading of Doc Savage's exploits for quite a while now, and I enjoy every paragraph of each story.
      For adventure and the latest scientific marvels one has but to turn to your publication, while humor is supplied by Ham, Monk and Habeas Corpus, that unusual porker.
      Enclosed you will find my application for membership in the Doc Savage Club. I promise to try, to the best of my ability, to live up to the Code of Doc Savage in every way, and at all times.
      I enjoyed "Fear Cay" fully as much as every other one of his stories.

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