Reprinted from the August 1934 issue of Doc Savage Magazine

F R O M     O U R     M E M B E R S

      I have read nearly every Street & Smith Publication magazine, but of all these the Doc Savage Magazine, is the best. I think that it is worth much more than ten cents to join the Doc Savage Club.

      As I have told you many times before, I think this Club is one of the finest of its kind. My whole family and I read your magazine, and we all enjoy its clean, wholesome stories very much.

      I have been reading the last couple of Doc Savage Magazines, and I think they are very interesting. Whoever thought of the idea of the Doc Savage Club ought to get a medal for I think it is a swe!l idea. I have just joined your Doc Savage Club and am helping the Code to my fullest extent. Whenever I start to read a Doc Savage Magazine, I never stop reading it till I am done.

MINOR C. WILSON, Wisconsin.
      Please enroll me as a member of your Doc Savage Club. I have been reading your magazine for the last five months, and think it is the cleanest and also more educating than any other fiction magazine that I have ever read.

BOB MADDEN, Pennsylvania.
      Please enroll me as a member of the Doc Savage Club as I will faithfully abide by the Doc Savage Code. I think this Code is the best I have ever heard of.

      I joined your club last year, and the Doc Savage Magazine is the only one for me. I think it would be better for every one if they lived up to the Code of Doc Savage.

      I have been reading the Doc Savage Magazine for some time, and find it very interesting. Although I am a girl, I have been interested in boys' sports, books and activities from the time I first started playing with the children in the neighborhood. My favorite sports are too numerous to mention here, although I can say that swimming is my chief sport. I have never gone hunting, but I can use a gun; horseback riding and motor-cycling are a few of my other favorites. Naturally, I love to dance, but a ride on horseback or in a speed boat is much more fun.
        In addition to sports, I read a good book every week, and take care of the house. Combine school with this and you will find the week very full; I am in my last year of high school, and I have found that the Doc Savage Code can be applied in school as well as in the home or in other outside interests and activities. I consider the Code to be an ideal worth living up to, and wish that many young people would adopt it.

      I am trying to live up to the Code of Doc Savage. I think your magazine and club is the best I have read and belonged to.

JOHN SELEPAK, Pennsylvania.
      I am very much interested in the Doc Savage Club. Doc Savage stories teach young people to play fair and to go straight. I would like to become a member.
      I am living up to the Code and I think it is a very good one.

      I may be a lady but there is no money in the world that would make me stop buying Doc Savage Magazine. There is only one trouble. You should publish two a month instead of once. May I join your club, and I shall follow the Code just as it is.

      I have been a member of the Doc Savage Club for some time now. I have been trying hard to live up to the Code of Doc Savage.

ANNA GROOKETT, Pennsylvania
      I would like very much to become a member and to have the Doc Savage stamp. I think your magazine is great. My husband is crazy about your magazine too. Here are a couple who wish you will keep up the good stories.

      I would like to join your wonderful club.
      As I am a young boy of sixteen years old, I sincerely think the club is one of the best and the Code of Doc Savage is just what every young boy or man would like to take part in. To pledge the Code of Doc Savage is to save humanity, do right to all, and wrong to no one. That is a code all should abide by faithfully, no matter who you are or how old you are.

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