Reprinted from the February 1935 issue of Doc Savage Magazine

F R O M     O U R     M E M B E R S

CHARLES CAMPBELL, Massachusetts.
      I think the Doc Savage Magazine is the finest and cleanest magazine on the market. Please keep up the swell stories. It isn't only the Doc Savage story, but the short stories are good, too. You have a variety of stories in each issue. My uncle reads your magazine and thinks it is very good. We haven't missed it for years. I have just finished "The Annihilist," and it was a swell, exciting story.
      Give my regards to Doc, Monk, Ham, Johnny, Long Tom and Renny. Don't forget Habeas Corpus, and don't let Ham make bacon out of him, Monk.
      Yours till Johnny runs out of his big words.

MARY KAYE, Canada.
      Allow me to congratulate you on your success at publishing so very fine a magazine as the Doc Savage. The October issue was the first I had read, but, not like so many other magazines I had tried, my last. The stories are all that can be called for in stories, and my only regret is that it is issued but once a month.
      Kindly enroll me as a member of your club.
      Wishing the magazine, the club, and you, the publishers of the magazine, the best of luck.

      I am writing to say that your magazine is the best of its kind on the market, excluding none. I first began to read Doc Savage Magazine, when at a news stand trying to figure out what magazine I wanted, a young fellow of my age asked me why I didn't try Doc Savage. I thanked him and said I guessed I would. You know the rest; I have been a loyal Doc Savage fan ever. since.
      I think your club is a grand idea, and I have sent in my coupon to join the club with this letter. Kindly send my badge with all possible speed.
      Congratulations on your fine magazine, and I wish you success.

L. J. MANN, Virginia.
      I enjoy the Doc Savage Magazine very much. Doc's exploits are very interesting, and the Code of Doc Savage strikes me very pleasantly. Therefore, I enclose the clipping for enrollment in the club.
      I think the Code of Doc Savage and the club is a wonderful move, and may more people come to know it through the magazine, and abide by it.
      I will do my best to abide and live up to the Code.
      I think the Code is great. It can't be beat. As I intend to teach physical culture and muscle building in a very short while, I intend to impress the Code upon all my pupils. My, what a world this would be if every one would comply strictly with this Code.
      I am sending ten cents for which please send me my rubber stamp. I want to use it on all my stationery. I think the magazine is just fine, and Doc Savage a real character. I intend to build up all my pupils to the wonderful physique of Doc Savage.

      The Doc Savage Magazine is the best magazine I have ever read. It takes you all over the world, and is very exciting and educational. I wish that your club will grow bigger and bigger.

BYARD SOOY, JR., New Jersey.
      I am fourteen years old and a sophomore in high school, and have been reading Doc Savage for nearly a year. When we have to hand in book reports, I always report on the current issue of Doc Savage and the teacher herself got interested in the magazine because the report I gave was so interesting, now every month she gets the Doc Savage Magazine. The story that I liked the most was the "Sea Magician."

      Two or three months ago I joined your club and it made a change in my life from the very first. I am the only member in this part of the woods and I am inclined to get discouraged, then I think of the Code and take new courage and go on.
      I am a young man and I have had a desire to be like Doc Savage. I sure wish your magazine would be published twice a month instead of once.

      A little over a month ago I became a member of the Doc Savage Club, and have been trying faithfully to live up to the Code. As a teacher, I have plenty of opportunities of doing so.

      I am a reader of Doc Savage Magagine, and I find it very interesting. I never enjoyed reading very much until a friend gave me your magazine. I have been reading them ever since. It is very hard to wait for the next issue, but nothing can take the place of a Doc Savage Magazine.

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