Reprinted from the August 1935 issue of Doc Savage Magazine


THE institution of the family has been, so to speak, "taking it on the chin" in the past decade or two. The rapid movement of modern events has torn apart many of the old family ties which bound the separate members to the hearthstone. Varied interests have grown up rapidly; each one has sought his own amusements, his own entertainments, with the result that the home has suffered. Many things have been blamed for this breaking up of family life, none of which concerns us. Neitller do we have to worry about the good or bad effect of this. Nevertheless, there is something which can serve to hold the family together-anything which will appeal to the interests of all of them. The Doc Savage Club is that one thing.

We make the statement not with merely our own backing, but quote a typical letter which proves how allinclusive are the ideals which are fostered by the Doc Savage Club:

"I must write to tell you how much we all enjoy your magazine, your ideals, and plans. I make it a practice to buy each and every new magazine that comes out, and yours and The Shadow are the two which have kept up the high standard.

"My father is 78 years old, yet he looks forward to each number. It is good, clean reading, and every member of the family enjoys it.

"Your code is perfect. I hope that many will take heed and follow, then I am sure that happiness and prosperity will come back. It should be in every home in America; it would then kill the selfishness that seems so prevalent.

"Here's wishing you all the success so that your magazine may continue to live and do good.


"Mrs. Lou A. Price.

"Staten Island, N. Y."

Mrs. Price herself is past forty, she adds in her letter. So right here is an example of the wide range of appeal in the Doc Savage Club-from youth to old age, it appeals to all. Whether men or women, boys or girls, young men or young women, in the Code of Doc Savage is a fine ideal, a perfect formula for right living, and for a full interest in life.

Every member of the family can enjoy the club as well as the magazine. Every word in this publication has a purpose behind it; the purpose of building up real Americans, of making every one realize that there is a duty to the world, and to one's self. And that that duty is best performed by living with a purpose-the purpose of doing the best one can every minute of one's life no matter how small the task.

Look at the Code of Doc Savage, and see if within it you do not find a true ideal. Look over any page in this magazine and see if there is not that same purpose reflected in every word. Is not that sufficient to hold every one in your own family circle, to give them something firm and strong to lean on, to bind themselves together?

The Doc Savage Club does not set itself up to be a savior of family life, nor does it lay claim to any lofty position or power. The purpose of the Doc Savage Club is to furnish every one with an ideal, a goal, a purpose in living. In the words of the Doc Savage Code we have tried to include every bit of the idealism for which we are striving. Its full purpose, however, can be achieved only the interest of its members, and of individuals who can see in it some help for their own ideals

We have ideals, plans and purposes, and they are here for any one interested to take. It costs you nothing to join the Doc Savage Club. Your membership card comes to you entirely free for the asking. You are never asked to contribute, subscribe, or work for any one or anything. There is no commercialism connected with it.

It is not even necessary for you to join the club to reap the benefits of the Code. Live up to it as best you can, and you will be accomplishing all we ask you to do. Only, if you do show your intention, it will serve as an incentive for others.

Make up your mind to-day to live up to the ideals set forth by the Doc Savage Code. Try the system for a month. If, after that, you do not feel that you've improved yourself as well as all those who have come in contact with you, try harder. If you have, why not join, and make yourself even more certain of following that course in life?

This is all for you. That is our part of living up to this ideal. Your part is to show your willingness and interest. You start it, and the rest of the members of your family will be with you in less than no time!

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