Reprinted from the July 1935 issue of Doc Savage Magazine


MISFORTUNE might come across the path of any individual. There is no assurance against ill-luck, or bad breaks. The only thing to do is to bear up under the circumstances; to realize that there must be something better after the worst has gone past. There is such a thing as holding up your spirits, no rnatter how severe conditions may be. And if your spirit can stand up, you are not licked.

Only those who have gone through a trying period of this kind can tell what it means, how hard one must struggle to keep from going under. Only those who have gone through that can tell, with real appreciation, how much a certain thing has helped them.

Such a note has come to us, from one who has had a tough time to keep chin up and eyes straight ahead. Over a period of six months, everything possible had happened to discourage this one member in spirit. Yet, through it all, he found one thing which helped; one thing which kept him ever going forward, even though he made no progress.

That one thing was the Code of Doc Savage; the little pledge which he had made some time before, when he signed the card which made him a member of the Doc Savage Club. Little did he know then how important a part this pledge would be in his life, but to-day he knows and appreciates the value of that philosophy which contains in it every essence of perfect living.

There is no magical potion in this Code. There is nothing in it which will make heroes out of those who wish to abide by it. But there is in it a great power of comfort, of realization that the standard by which we are judged is the standard of our earnest endeavor, and not of the results we get. The man who tries is the man who is most deserving. Success which comes to a man without effort is not half as sweet as success which comes after a good, tough struggle.

Read the Code of Doc Savage. Think about it. See if it does not reveal to you the elements of an ideal existence. It stresses neither wealth nor ability; it makes everything equal, and starts from the basis of earnest endeavor. So long as you do your very best to be kind, just, honest and fair; so long as you strive to help others as well as yourself, you are living fully up to the requirements of the Code, and will find your life a great deal happier.

Even if things go against you; if nothing you do seems to come through to a successful conclusion, still you are succeeding in living the full and honest life, and the Code is there to encourage you, to let you know that you are doing that you are striving.

In the material world of to-day, it stands out like a beacon of safety to those who are not content with mere material things. It serves as a guide and a landmark to those who are striving to give, not only to get, in this world. It is a station of rest and comfort to those who have been beaten by circumshnce, for in it they find real rest, real comfort. It does not goad one to effort; it points out the right path, it encourages.

Possibly you have no need to fear discomfort or failure to keep up to your present level. Yet, with all the security in the world, it will still benefit you if you will consider this Code of ours, if you will look over the purpose and ideals of the Doc Savage Club, and learn for yourself that membership would be of great benefit. There are no dues, no fees of any sort. Such things would spoil the very purpose of this organization. Our only aim is to give every individual his own means of encouragement, his own guide of achievernent and endeavor.

All that is necessary is to fill the coupon and send it in. The membership card will come to you entirely without charge. The emblem, if you desire it, will cost you less than its actual cost to u,s, but it is not at all necessary for membership. The card that you receive, entirely free of charge, without even return postage being asked, makes you a full member, gives you the benefit of these club pages for your own use.

Why not seize this opportunity, and prepare for the time when circumstances may be stacked against you ? If you ever need a good and faithful friend the Code of Doc Savage willl prove to be it. If you never will need it, it will still help you immensely, whether in good or poor circumstances, in the cheer and courage it will always give you.

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