Reprinted from the September 1935 issue of Doc Savage Magazine


MOST unusual has been the reaction to the new series of exercises which we are publishing in this magazine for the benefit of all our readers The course which depicts Doc Savage's own method of self-development has furnished something which every one of our readers, it seems, has been wanting for years, but up to now could not obtain in any form. Now, coming in this magazine, it makes them desire, even more, to emulate Doc Savage in everything they do throughout life.

Important as these exercises may be, and much as they may accomplish in building you up, physically, mentally and morally, they should be only the basis for bigger things in life. No such routine course of lessons or instructions can sufficiently mold your existence as to leave no room for individual effort, for greater idealism, and for a specific goal. Do not let yourself slip into the rut of ordinary existence just because you think you have the thing which will make everything complete.

We want to encourage every reader to take a real interest in the exercises. They show you just how Doc Savage was able to develop all those keen powers which are his. Whether or not you feel yourself equal to them, or to some adaptation of them, you can still find much useful information there, and use it to your own advantage. But more useful than the information can be the goal which they can set up for you; the realization that you must work to get anywhere; that you have to struggle to accomplish anything.

There is no denying the fact that it takes work-good, hard work-to accomplish anything, whether it is physical or otherwise. It takes just as much will power to build up resistance against temptation as it takes labor, for example, to build a wall against the sea. You've got to work, and work hard, to get anywhere.

So do not let appearances deceive you; do not think that it is easy to reach any goal. You must work hard, you must have lots of help from those near you-and you, in turn, must give help to others.

But do not think the task too discouraging. All you have to do is live your life to the best of your ability, and whether you accomplish anything outstanding or not will make no difference you shall have accomplished a full and honest life, and that is the highest goal any one can attain to.

That is the goal we have set up for every member of the Doc Savage Club -the goal which is contained in the Code of Doc Savage, reprinted in these pages. Read the Code. See if you do not feel that it will give you incentive for everything that you find enjoyable and useful in life. It allows for your weaknesses, and also for the weaknesses of others; on the other hand, it utilizes to full advantage every quality that is in your make-up.

You can live by that Code better than in any other way. You can plan every moment of your life by it, and your life will become better because of it. So why not join the club and take full advantage of it? Merely joining the ciub will not be the answer to everything, of course. You can abide by the Code just as well without being a member, but if you do join, and have your membership card as a constant reminder, it will make it much easier.

There are no charges for membership. The membership card will come to you by return mail after filling out the coupon. If you desire an emblem or a rubber stamp, these come at small extra cost, but are not necessary. The only necessary thing-enrollment and the membership card, do not even require return postage. What could be fairer than that? Why not join now?

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