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     Date Story                            Writ Reprint            Notes

  October The Spider Strikes               RTMS Berkeley 1, PFC     
 November The Wheel of Death               RTMS Berkeley 2, PFC     
 December Wings of the Black Death         NP   Berkeley 3, PFC    

  January City of Flaming Shadows          NP   Berkeley 4, PFC    Tarantula
 February Empire of Doom                   NP   PFC
    March The Citadel of Hell              NP   PFC                1st Kirkpatrick mtg
    April Serpent of Distruction           NP   PFC 
      May The Made Horde                   NP
     June Satan's Death Blast              NP   DiMedia 1, PFC
     July Corpse Cargo                     NP   DiMedia 2, PFC     Tim Truman adapted for comic
   August Prince of the Red Looters        NP   DiMedia 3, PFC     The Fly
September Reign of the Silver Terror       NP   PAP
  October Builders of the Dark Empire      NP                      S.American milieu
 November Death's Crimson Juggernaut       NP   Carrol&Graf 3
 December The Red Death Rain               NP   Carrol&Graf 3

  January The City Destroyer               NP   PocketBooks 3
 February The Pain Emperor                 NP   Carrol&Graf 4
    March The Flame Master                 NP   PFC                villian is pulp novelist
    April Slaves of the Crime Master       NP   HighAdvntre 24     Spider reign of terror
      May Reign of the Death Fiddler       NP   PFC
     June Hordes of the Red Butcher        NP   PocketBooks 2
     July Dragon Lord of the Underworld    NP                      drives over dead bodies
   August Master of the Death Madness      NP                      Nita becomes Spider, 1st time
September King of the Red Killers          NP   Carrol&Graf 7
  October Overlord of the Damned           NP                      Kirkpatrick: drugged slave
 November Death Reign of the               NP   PocketBooks 1,     Tim Truman adapted for comic
          Vampire King                     NP   Carrol&Graf 4
 December Emperor of the Yellow Death      NP   

  January The Mayor of Hell                NP   PFC                part 1, Corporal Death
 February Slaves of the Murder Syndicate   NP                      part 2
    March Green Globes of Death            NP   Carrol&Graf 7      is it the Fly?
    April The Cholera King                 NP   PFC
      May Slaves of the Dragon             NP   PFC
     June Legions of Madness               NP   PFC
     July Laboratory of the Damned         NP                      Blinky McQuade
   August Satan's Sightless Legion         NP   PFC
September The Coming of the Terror         NP                      part 1, Living Pharoah
  October The Devil's Death Dwarfs         NP                      part 2
 November City of Dreadful Night           ECT                     part 3
 December Reign of the Snake Men           ECT                     part 4,(let-down)

  January Dictator of the Damned           ECT  Carrol&Graf 2
 February The Mill-Town Massacres          ECT  Carrol&Graf 2
    March Satan's Workshop                 ECT  
    April Scourge of the Yellow Fangs      ECT                     RW/NS wedding "next day"
      May Devil's Pawnbroker               ECT  PAP
     June Voyage of the Coffin Ship        ECT  Hanos, PAP
     July The Man Who Ruled in Hell        NP   PAP
   August Slaves of the Black Monarch      WR   PAP
September Machine Guns overthe White House NP   PAP, Nov.1998
  October The City that Dared Not Eat      WR   
 November Master of the Flaming Horde      NP   Carrol&Graf 5
 December Satan's Switchboard              WR   Hanos

  January Legions ofthe Accursed Light     NP   Carrol&Graf 8
 February The City of Lost Men             WR
    March The Gray Horde Creeps            NP
    April City of Whispering Death         NP
      May When Thousands Slept in Hell     WR
     June Satan's Shackles                 WR
     July The Emperor from Hell            NP
   August The Devil's Candlesticks         WR
September The City that Paid to Die        NP                      part 1, Nazi-like criminals
  October The Spider at Bay                NP   Hanos              part 2
 November Scourge of the Black Legions     NP                      part 3
 December The Withering Death              WR   

  January Claws of the Golden Dragon       NP   PFC
 February The Song of Death                WR   Hanos
    March The Silver Death Rain            NP
    April Blight of the Blazing Eye        WR
      May King of the Fleshless Legion     NP
     June Rule of the Monster Men          NP   PFC                Nita surgically crippled
     July The Spider & the Slaves of Hell  NP                      Nita becomes Black Widow
   August The Spider & the Fire God        NP   PFC
September The Corpse Broker                WR   
  October The Spider & the Eyeless Legion  NP                      Spider is blind
 November The Spider & the Faceless One    NP                      1st of 3 appearances
 December Satan's Murder Machines          NP   Carrol&Graf 6

  January The Spider & the Pain Master     ECT  Carrol&Graf 1
 February Hell's Sales Manager             NP   
    March Slaves of the Laughing Death     NP   Carrol&Graf 6
    April The Man from Hell                ECT  
      May The Spider & the War Emperor     NP   
     June Judgement of the Damned          NP   Carrol&Graf 5
     July Dictator's Death Merchants       ECT  
   August The Pirates from Hell            NP   
September Master of the Night-Demons       ECT  PFC
  October Council of Evil                  NP   Hanos
 November The Spider and His Hobo Army     NP   
 December The Spider & the Jewels of Hell  NP

  January Harbor of Nameless Dead          NP   
 February The Spider and the Slave Doctor  NP   
    March The Spider and the Sons of Satan NP   
    April Slaves of the Burning Blade      NP   
      May The Devil's Paymaster            NP   Carrol&Graf 8
     June Benevolent Order of Death        NP   
     July Murder's Black Prince            NP   
   August The Spider & the Scarlet Surgeon NP   
September The Spider & the Deathless One   NP   
  October Satan's Seven Swordsmen          NP   
 November Volunteer Corpse Brigade         NP   
 December The Crime Laboratory             NP   

  January Death and The Spider             NP   PocketBooks 4      100th issue
 February Murder's Legionnaires            NP   Hanos
    March The Gentleman From Hell          NP   
    April Slaves of the Ring               NP   PFC
      May The Spider and the Death Piper   NP   
     June Revolt of the Underworld         NP   
     July Return of the Racket Kings       NP   
   August Fangs of the Dragon              NP   
September Hell Rolls on the Highways!      NP   
  October Army of the Damned               NP   Hanos
 November Zara-Master of Murder            NP   
 December The Spider and the Flame King    NP   

  January The Howling Death                NP   Hanos
 February Secret City of Crime             NP   Carrol&Graf 1
    March Recruit for the Spider Legion    NP                      outlaw Kirkpatrick
     June The Spider andthe Man from Hell  NP   PFC
   August The Criminal Horde               NP   
  October The Spider and Hell's Factory    NP   Hanos
 December When Satan Came to Town          SS   PFC
 Unpub'ed Slaughter Incorporated           DGC  PFC
 PFC= Pulp Fiction Central (Adobe Acrobat format reprints)
 PAP= Pulp Adventures Press
 RTMS= R.T.M. Scott   NP= Norvell Page  ETC= Emile C. Tepperman
 WR= Wayne Rogers   SS= Stewart Sterling   DGC= Donald G. Cormack


I am interested in filling in the notes column of this list, to suggest a story's flavor or import in the Spider canon, to help readers (like me) choose what to buy, or what to buy first, as they face the daunting and expensive prospect of collecting all of the Spider's exploits.
Please e-mail me with any suggestions for, or corrections to, my list: at cdkalb@aol.com

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