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The following information was culled from lists appearing in The Flying Spy by Nick Carr (Pulp Classic #18)
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Date  Story                       Villain                         Invention/Gimmick

 Oct  The Bat Staffel             Herr Doktor Krueger             Bat-planes, dissolving gas
 Nov  Purple Aces                 Herr Doktor Krueger             Chemical changes skin color
 Dec  Ace of the White Death      Herr Konig, German Intell.chief A deadly type of white gas

 Jan  The Midnight Eagle          Herr Doktor Krueger             Eagle-shaped balloon w/claws
 Feb  The Vampire Staffel         Amen Sikh,Egyptian scientist    Plague spread by flying insects
 Mar  The Skeleton Patrol         Herr Doktor Krueger             A giant skeleton
 Apr  Squadron of Corpses         Herr Doktor Krueger             Dead German aces return
 May  The Invisible Staffel       Lakurji, a Hindu magician       An invisible plane
 Jun  The Dynamite Squadron                                       None of importance
 Jul  The Dragon Patrol                                           A strange zeppelin
 Aug  The Hurricane Patrol                                        An oxygen killing gas
 Sep  The Panther Squadron        Herr Dr. Mollfuss,brain surgeon Panther-men
 Oct  The Spider Staffel                                          A giant plane-eating "spider"
 Nov  The Mad Dog Squadron        Herr Doktor Guerta, U.S.traitor Saliva from big dog causes sickness
 Dec  The Blizzard Staffel        The Falcon (Herr von Stoll)     Winter time snow grounds aircraft

 Jan  The X-Ray Eye               Herr Doktor Gurnig              Ray turns men/planes into skeletons
 Feb  Squadron of the Scorpion    Herr Doktor Sengal, astrologer. A Martian helps the Germans
 Mar  The Death Monsters          Herr Doktor Krueger             Gigantic creatures w/ long tentacles
 Apr  The Cave Man Patrol         Prehistoric Cave-Men            Underground men from another time
 May  The Gorilla Staffel         Herr Doktor Schlemmer           Monster apes are on the loose
 Jun  The Sword Staffel           Herr Doktor Krueger             Arm holding a sword in the sky kills
 Jul  Wings of the Juggernaut     Mukja, Hindu priest             A monstrous machine
 Aug  The Headless Staffel        The Wizard. (Herr Guener)       Headless men walk / "eating"liquid
 Sep  Staffel of Beasts                                           An animal with a human face
 Oct  Claws of the Sky Monster    Herr Doktor Krueger             Giant birds controlled by men
 Nov  Staffel of Invisible Men                                    Semi-invisible men destroy planes
 Dec  Staffel of Floating Heads                                   Human heads float, eyes shoot

 Jan  The Blood Bat Staffel       Herr Doktor Krueger             Weird-looking bat men
 Feb  Skeletons o'the Black Cross Herr Doktor Krueger             Death ray and walking skeletons
 Mar  The Patrol of the Dead      Mad Baron, Renasesnm(Egyptian)  Living dead men roam the front.
 Apr  Scourge of the Sky Beast    Herr Doktor Krueger             Giant bats fly once again
 May  The Wings of Satan          Herr Doktor Krueger             Satan himself
 Jun  Patrol of the Cloud Crusher Herr Doktor Krueger             Giant plane-crushing fist in clouds
 Jul  Curse of the Sky Wolves     Doctor Amed Chezi               Human wolf-men
 Aug  Vultures o'the Purple Death Herr Doktor Krueger             Purplish dissolving liquid
 Sep  Wings of Invisible Doom     Herr Doktor Krueger/Herr Ghoula Plane with death's head
 Oct  Skies of Yellow Death       Chu Lung
 Nov  Death Rides the Ceiling     Herr Doktor Krueger             Giant magnets attracting planes
 Dec  Patrol of the Mad           Herr Butscher-brain specialist  Mad surgeon performs brain surgery

 Jan  Scourge of the Steel Mask   Herr Stahlmaske                 Demolishing ray
 Feb  Patrol o'the Murder Masters Krueger, Herr Stahlmaske        Fake clouds/zeppelin carrying bomb
 Mar  Fangs of the Sky Leopards   The Leopard Men                 Leopard-men (men in costumes)
 Apr  Vultures of the White Death Herr Professor Unger,a chemist  Snow-like chemical eats human flesh
 May  Flight of the Dragon        Chu Lung                        Dragon plane w/flames from nostrils.
 Jun  Flight From the Grave       King Julito, summoned zombies   Zombies
 Jul  Patrol of the Purple Clan   Herr Stahlmaske                 A white liquid creates a solid mass
 Aug  Vengeance of the Vikings    Herr Doktor Krueger             Vikings thawed from blocks of ice
 Sep  Flight o'the Green Assassin Chu Lung & Herr Doktor Krueger  Weapon that blows things apart
 Oct  The Hand of Steel           Herr Goulon                     Wireless instrument creates lunatics
 Nov  The Flight o'the Hell Hawks Herr Doktor Schmidt             Creatures w/human heads, hawk body
 Dec  The Drome of the Damned     Herr Stahlmaske.                Tiny pellets of high explosives

 Jan  Satan Paints the Sky        Baron vTodschmecker             Plague-ridden rats.
 Feb  Wings for the Dead          Herr von Seiter                 Man in armor, a zeppelin, a plague
 Mar  Patrol of the Phantom       Herr Geist and Herr Koln
 Apr  The Black Aces of Doom      Herr Doktor Krueger/Herr Geist  Fearless creatures in black
 May  The Flames of Hell          Herr Feuer
 Jun  Patrol of the Iron Hand     Herr Stahlmaske                 Massivetank
 Jul  Fangs of the Serpent        The Serpent, bent & twisted     High-grade hypnosis
 Aug  Aces of the Damned          Chu Lung                        Twin-zeppelins w/blinding chemical
 Sep  Patrol of the Sky Vulture   Herr Geist                      Gas causes people to vanish
 Oct  The Condor Rides With Death The Condor                      Ancient catapult device
 Nov  The Flying Coffins of       Abdel Saad, an Egyptian         Liquid turns men into mummies
       the Damned
 Dec  The Bloody Wings of         The Old Hag                     Men become vampires supernaturally
 Jan  Raiders o'the Silent Death  Herr Doktor Krueger             Silent gun
 Feb  The Sky Serpent Flies Again Chu Lung
 Mar  The Black Wings o'the Raven The Raven                       Winged gas-bomb
 Apr  Death Flies the Last Patrol The Raven                       Paralyzing chemical
 May  Three Fly With Satan        Krueger, Raven, Stahlmaske
 Jun  Flight o'the DeathBattalion Herr Dr. Runtz,crazed surgeon   Beast-men walking once more
 Jul  Wings of the Black Terror   Chu Lung                        Artificial black death cloud
 Aug  Patrol of the Iron Scourge  The Iron Men                    Robot soldiers
 Sep  Wings of the White Death    Herr Matsu                      Another form of virulent gas
 Oct  The Black Buzzard Flies     Herr Nordlich, inventor         Black planes, Men who see in dark
       to Hell
 Nov  Red Fangs o'the Sky Emperor Chu Lung and Herr Matsu         Gun with pipe-lines/tanks affixed
 Dec  The Falcon Flies with       Krueger, Herr Stahlmaske        Net shot from big gun & heat pellet
       the Damned
 Jan  Sky-Guns fortheMurderMaster Count Maulwurf fr/East Africa   A tunnel digging machine
 Feb  White Wings for the Dead    The Order of White              Bodies & eyes were white
 Mar  Sky Coffins for Satan       Herr Feuerhammer                Man-made lightning bolts
 Apr  Wings of the Dragon Lord    Chu Lung                        Dragons produce deadly poison (14)
 May  The Green Scourge of        Herr Grun, an American traitor  Weapon on a zeppelin
       the Sky Raiders
 Jun  RedWings forthe DeathPatrol Herr Grun                       A type of Haitian death cult
 Jul  The Damned Will Fly Again   Herr Grun                       A lightning mechanical device
 Aug  Death Rides the Midnight    Herr Doktor Krueger             Gas from leaves of plant
 Sep  Bloody Wings for a Sky Hawk The Raven                       Massive bomb w/flame-bombs inside
 Oct  Red Skies for the           Herr Feuerhammer
       Squadrons of Satan
 Nov  Here Flies the Hawk of Hell Herr Doktor Krueger             Gas taken from weird beasts
 Dec  Squadron of the Damned      Herr Doktor Todini              Ray that shatters nervous system

 Jan  Death of the Hawks of War   Herr Teufel
 Feb  Horde of the Wingless Death Herr Teufel
 Mar  Raiders of the Red Death    The Raven                       A new type of gas
 Apr  Wings of the Doomed         Baron von Tollheit              Deafness followed by madness
 Jun  Fangs of the Winged Cobra   Herr Doktor Kommer,from jungle  Cobra's eyes given to a human
 Aug  Death is my Destiny         Herr Karg                       An eagle-like zeppelin
 Oct  Squadron of the Flying Dead Akhan, Khush high priest        Skeletons shock pilots to death
 Dec  Horde of the Black Eagle    The Raven                       Projectile makes death-vapor

 Feb  The Death Divers            Baron von Bitzer                Another type of flying bomb
 Apr  Raiders of the Death Patrol Herr Butscher                   Liquid hurled by catapult
 Jun  The Mark of the Vulture     Herr Doktor Krueger             Mass hypnosis and a tattoo machine
 Aug  The Death Master's          General von Grabbe.             Ray makes person appear drugged
       Last Patrol
 Oct  Wings of the Gray Phantom   Herr Matsu                      Invisibility
 Dec  The Squadron of Death       Herr Stahlmaske                 Zombies
       Flies High
 Feb  Patrol to End the World     Herr Doktor Wormer              A powerful explosive
 Apr  Wings of the Hawks of Death Baron von Heidt, sportsman      None
 Jun  Scourge of the Sky Monster  Herr Doktor Krueger             A huge many-deviced zeppelin
 Aug  Winged Beasts of Death      Herr Konig, the Master of Evil  AM: mad-men; PM: Rhino Men
 Oct  Bombs fromthe Murder Wolves Herr Doktor Marlott (in swamp)  Bombs piloted by living suicide men
 Dec  The Wings of the Iron Claw  Herr Goulon                     Herr Goulon's beast-men

 Feb  The Devil's Sky Trap        Baron von Salm                  Huge, wailing, six-engine plane
 Apr  Wings of the Death Monster  Herr Stahlmaske                 Another huge tank-like machine
 Jun  Wings of the Death Tiger    Sir Gregory                     Tiger-men

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