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     Date  Title                           Reprint       Author
    April  The Masked Invasion             Fleetway #1   Frederick C. Davis\/
      May  The Invisible Empire            Corinth #3/Fleetway#2
     June  The Yellow Scourge              Fleetway #3
     July  The Melting Death 
   August  The Cavern of the Damned        Dimedia #1
September  Master of Broken Men            Corinth #4
  October  Invasion of the Dark Legions 
 November  The Green Death Mists 
 December  Legions of Starvation           Dimedia #2

  January  The Red Invaders
 February  League of War Monsters 
    March  The Army of the Dead            Corinth #2
    April  March of the Flame Marauders    Corinth #7
      May  Blood Reign of the Dictator     Corinth #6
     June  Invasion of the Yellow Warlords Corinth #8
     July  Legions of the Death Master     Corinth #1
   August  Hosts of the Flaming Death      Corinth #5
September  Invasion of the Crimson Death-Cult 
  October  Attack of the Blizzard-Men
 November  Scourge of the Invisible Death  Dimedia #3    Frederick C. Davis/\
 December  Raiders of the Red Death                      Emile C. Tepperman\/

  January  War Dogs of the Green Destroyer 
 February  Rockets from Hell 
    March  War-Master From the Orient 
    April  Crime's Reign of Terror 
     June  Death's Ragged Army*            Pulp Review No.18
   August  Patriot's Death Battalion*      Pulp Review No.19
  October  The Bloody Forty Days*          Pulp Review No.20
 December  America's Plague Battalions*    Pulp Review No.21

  January  Liberty's Suicide Legions*      Pulp Review No.23
 February  The Siege of 1,000 Patriots*    High Adventure No.25
    March  Patriot's Death March*          High Adventure No.26
      May  Revolt of the Lost Legions*     High Adventure No.27
     July  Drums of Destruction*
September  The Army Without a Country*
 November  The Bloody Frontiers*

  January  The Coming of the Mongol Hordes*
    March  The Siege That Brought the Black Death*
      May  Revolt of the Devil- Men                      Emile C. Tepperman/\
     July  The Suicide Battalion                         Wayne Rogers\/
September  The Day of the Damned
 November  The Dawn That Shook the World 

  January  When Hell Came to America 
    March  Invasion from the Sky  
      May  Winged Hordes of the Yellow Vulture 
     July  War Tanks of the Yellow Vulture 
September  Corpse Cavalry of the Yellow Vulture
 November  The Army From Underground (final issue) 

  January  Hell 's Lost Battalion (unpublished)          Wayne Rogers/\

*Purple Invasion Saga

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