Reprinted from the May 1935 issue of Doc Savage Magazine

F R O M     O U R     M E M B E R S

      I have only read one issue of Doc Savage Magazine, but I think it is the best magazine I have ever read. It is different from other magazines-it is thrilling, and makes your blood chill in your veins.
      I would appreciate it very much if you would enroll me in your club. I will live up to the Doc Savage Code.
      I send my compliments to Kenneth Robeson, one of the best writers of magazines. I can hardly wait for the next issue to come out. I hope I can get hold of some issues I did not read.
      I wish this club success, and hope that this magazine will be published more often later on.
P. J. DU PLESSIS, South Africa.
      Let me thank you very, very much for the badge you sent me. It sure is a very nice badge, and I am very proud of it. Several of my friends have asked me where I got it from and I told them, and they all want to become members of the club. You see, we all have a standing order with our news agent for the Doc Savage Magazine and he knows if we don't get our magazine when we call for them there is the devil to pay! Believe me that I will push the Doc Savage Magazine till further orders, because it is a magazine that is worth pushing.

      Young and old come to me to ask for the Doc Savage Magazine. There is an old gentleman living with us. He is seventy-five years old and he tells me that it is the best magazine he has ever read, and I guess he has read a few.

      Please enroll me as a member of your Doc Savage Club, for I promise that I will do my best to abide with his Code.
      I think that your club is a wonderful idea which will aid all of us in developing our characters.
      I have been reading your Doc Savage Magazine for the past five months, and may I congratulate you for publishing such a wonderful magazine?
      Hoping to see all of Doc's aides together in the next issue.

Members of the Doc Savage Club may obtain a rubber stamp, in exact replica of their badge, with the word "Member" added, for the sum of ten cents in coin or stamps. The stamp can be used for stationery, books, et cetera. The ink pad is not included. Order stamps from the Doc Savage Club, 79 Seventh Avenue, New York, N. Y.

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