Reprinted from the April 1935 issue of Doc Savage Magazine

F R O M     O U R     M E M B E R S

JULIUS PEKAREK, Pennsylvania.
      I have been reading Doc Savage Magazine for six months, and I think it is the best magazine I ever read. I think it should be published more than once a month.
      Lots of luck to you, Doc, and your aides.

DENNIS SULLIVAN, Massachusetts.
      A friend of mine gave me a Doc Savage Magazine--the first one you published--and ever since then I have been reading it. All the boys around here read it, also.
      Doc Savage's magazine is the kind I like to read because in his stories he explains everything clearly.
      I have just finished reading "The Red Snow," and I think it's swell.
      Wishing you and your club and magazine more success.
      I have been reading your magazine since April, 1934, and I call them the best on the market. The reason I like them is, how Doc and his pals capture or destroy the wrongdoer. I like his different inventions, too.
      The club is a good one. If all the boys will abide faithfully to the Code of Doc Savage, there will be a better manlihood in future.
      Please enroll me as a member.
      My hat is off to you for publishing such a grand magazine. Doc Savage and his pals, not forgetting Habeas Corpus, are so real and human that I can almost see them.
      Please accept my application, and be sure that I'll do my best to live up to the Code, and try to interest my pals. I'm looking forward to many happy hours with Doc and his gang.
      May a Scottish reader join your club? I read every edition of the Doc Savage Magazine, and I will stand by your Code and try to live up to it in every respect.
      I inclose a postal order for one shilling to cover postage and the cost of the Doc Savage insignia. Please accept me as a member.
A. GAZNICK, Massachusetts.
      I have been reading your book for the past two years and I think it's the greatest yet. I first got your book when somebody told me it was about science, and I am awfully interested in anything that's scientific. I just finished reading the novel, "The Red Snow," and I think it's the best yet. I hope you keep up the good work.
ED ZIMEL, Pennsylvania.
      I have read every issue of Doc Savage Magazine up to now. It is the most interesting and unusual magazine on the news stand. I have a year's subscription to Doc Savage Magazine, and I hope you will continue to issue it monthly.
      I am a member of your fine club. If more people would abide by the Code this would be a grand world to live in, and if every one would truly adopt the Code, the world would be entirely rid of crime. Your magazine is manly, upright, clean, absorbin,g, exciting, and inspires one to do right. I always feel a slight pang of sorrow when I finish a copy of Doc Savage Magazine, because I realize I have to wait four weeks for the next copy. I have just finished "Red Snow," and enjoyed it very much. Please send me a list of your available copies of Doc Savage Magazines.
  ORVAL LOBB, Canada.
      I think you have a wonderful Code that has lots of meaning. It is a good idea to have the Doc Savage Club and I hope every American will abide by it. My mother said she wouldn't let me read novels, so one of my chums gave me a Doc Savage Magazine and I took it home. I showed her the Code and she was delighted with it, so I am writing to be a member of this wonderful club, and mother says I can read your magazine from now on. I am striving to follow your Code and I hope every one else does.
      I have read many issues of the Doc Savage Magazine, and I am pleased to say that it is one of the best magazines I have ever read.
      I am trying with all my power to fulfill the Doc Savage Code, to do right to all and wrong to none. I am just joining your club.
      I count it a privilege to be associated with an organization the type of the one you are fostering. I like your Doc Savage Magazine too. Inclosed you will find ten cents in stamps for a Doc Savage insignia which I shall be proud to wear.
      Best wishes for success in the combat of "social misfits."
      I wish to give a few words of praise for the Doc Savage Club and magazine. As for the magazine, I have found none better, and I have never yet found a magazine that could hold my interest so well and so long, and I have read a great deal.
      As for the club. well. I cannot say a word of praise about that that has not already been said. I find that it has inspired me to higher ideals, and although I have not as yet had an opportunity to help my fellow creatures, perhaps my opportunity will come yet. I'm sure it will. I close now, wishing both the club and the magazine every success.
      I have been reading your magazine for some time, and I think it is the finest I have ever read. It seemed to be my belief that all magazines were non-educational and vulgar. I have always read good books and then I chanced to come upon Doc Savage Magazine when I had nothing to read. I must say I enjoyed it immensely.
      It seems to teach us clean sportsmanship. Many more issues will follow the first I have read, I can assure you.
      I would greatly appreciate being enrolled to the Club of Doc Savage.
      I will gladly recommend your magazine to all of my friends, and I wish it many years of success.
"A. L. M.," New York City.
      I'm just a girl and I like action in my stories, so I read Doc Savage Magazine.
      About eight months ago, I was working for a private family in New Hampshire and the men folks read Doc Savage. One night after my work was through, I picked up one of the magazines and I glanced through. First I read one page, then another. First thing I knew I couldn't get my nose out of the book. The same thing happens every time I get a new Doc Savage.
      I've been a steady reader ever since, and I like this story better than the last. I enjoy all of Doc's famous aides--Monk, Ham, Renny, Long Tom, and Johnny--even Habeas Corpus.
      Good luck from an ardent Doc Savage reader.

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