The 86th Floor
Material cut from the end of
Death in Silver

...Pat looked wan, a little exhausted by the whole grisly episode.
      Doc Savage and his men were relaxed, unconcerned, now that the trouble was over. They u ere accustomed to this sort of thing. They had been through it before.
      They would go through it again, too -- as much and more. For within the month, a fantastic, perilous series of adventures would befall them, although they had no way of foreseeing that.
      Johnny-William Harper Littlejohn, the archaeologist and geologist who was now in England-was destined first to see King John's ghost, and from that grisly meeting would grow the whirl of peril and dangerous mystery that surrounded The Sea Magician.
      Strange and terrible was this ghost of King John, ancient ruler of England, who roarned the marshlands of The Wash, that fantastic swamp on the eastern coast of England. And even more fearsome and mystifying was the thing behind the walking of King John's ghost.
      When Johnny went to investigate King John's shade, he found much that he had not expected, and was placed in terrible jeopardy. And in aiding Johnny, Doc Savage was to tackle a mystery that seemed to have absolutely no explanation at all.
      The Sea Magician was destined to be about as baffling a problem as Doc Savage and his men had ever encountered.
      But Doc and his party, not being clairvoyants, were satisfied that the menace of the silver men was ended, and were unconcerned over the future. They cruised with the launch until there was no possible chance of survivors being found...

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