Reprinted from the April 1935 issue of Doc Savage Magazine


AGAIN and again our readers tell us how well satisfied they are with the Doc Savage Magazine and the Club. They always remind us of the fact that this is one of the mighty few magazines which give them more for their money than they bargain for-more even than the public has been accustomed to expect. They find in this magazine not only entertainment and thrills, but find in it education and inspiration.

Nothing makes us happier than to know that we are succeeding so well in our purpose, for in doing this we prove exactly what we preach in this club, exactly what we want all our members and readers to do. If we can do this in publishing a magazine, every one of our members should be able to do the same in his or her own life-to do good unto others, to help make everything just a little better, even while going about the ordinary duties of their lives.

It is one thing to set out on a definite purpose, and another to accomplish it. But even so, that is not as difficult as having a purpose to follow, and being forced by circumstances to so live that you cannot devote yourself for that purpose. How many of us would wish to do exactly as Doc Savage does, follow evil to its lair and correct misjustice? But how many of us can do that? Mighty few. We all have our lives to live. Others are dependent upon us. Our daily tasks take up all our time, leaving no spare moments, even, in which to undertake the task that Doc Savage is carrying out.

But even while we are doing our daily work, there is room for the fulfillment of some of these ideals. We can all do Our work in such a way that every one coming in contact with us will know that he has met a man or woman better than the average. We can, in every transaction, or in every job we do, let all those who come in contact with us know that we are trying to do more than just be fair and square; we can show that we are trying to live up to a real ideal, and are quite in earnest about it.

Instead of putting out just an ordinary magazine, we try to make this the best that can be made. In every bit of its contents, we seek not only to give you interesting reading, but also to give you something more than that-something to make you feel that your time was well spent in reading it, and that you feel better after having read it.

It was with this in mind that we-sponsored the Doc Savage Club, and gave you the Code which appears in this section. Our purpose was to give every one a real goal to strive for; a real purpose in life, something that could be added to any one's routine course of existence, and make him or her a better individual for it. Not only that, but to make every one who comes in contact with that person realize that here is an individual who is doing a little bit more than life asks for, he is making things just a little better for every one concerned.

It is not necessary to go out of your way in order to do what the Code asks you to do. Every thing included in our Code can be made a part of the most ordinary existence; and practice has proven that even the most ordinary existence becomes interesting and pleasant when the Code is observed, for then not only do you see things in a different light, but every one who comes in contact with you benefits by it.

We are glad to know that our readers notice the difference which we have put into this magazine. What will make us even happier is to have every one of them join our club and do all they can to put such a difference into their own lives.

Remember, it is something all for your own benefit. There is no gain to any one else if there is no gain for you because, as in almost everything else, whatever you do for others you do for yourself.

The membership coupon is here for every reader to use. There is no expense connected with our club. It costs you nothing to join; it costs you nothing to remain a member. The member ship card which makes you a fully accredited member comes to you entirely free of charge. Not even return postage is asked of our members. The only charges made are for supplies-if members seek them. The badge, and the rubber stamp, are accessories which some members desire, but which are not necessary for membership. And even then, the cost is less than the cost of manufacture to us.

So that is the case. lf you want to improve your own life, and help others improve theirs, the Doc Savage Club offers you the opportunity. It is up to you!

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