Reprinted from the November 1934 issue of Doc Savage Magazine


THERE are a great many people in this world who are worth their weight in gold, not so much for the apparent things they do, or for their individual accomplishments, but for the aid and encouragement they give to others who need such help. They are the people who will forgo a little pleasure of their own in order that some one else may be happier, or who will give up some of their own comfort to make things easier for their neighbors.

True, it is a most unusual spirit in this world of to-day where every one is looking out for himself. Consideration for the other fellow has never had much of a chance.

It certainly is time that this attitude is changed, and we are glad to know that our members are instrumental in bringing this change about. The Code of Doc Savage, by its very principle, will be the most important item in accomplishing something of this sort, for no one can live in justice to himself if he will not do all he can for his neighbor. This world is not meant to be selfish, and our Doc Savage Club members are proving that it is a better and happier place with no selfishness in it.

Our club has grown beyond all our expectations. We have learned that thousands and thousands of people, young and old, men and women, have been waiting for just such a thing. It supersedes the common organizations now in existence. It gives you a greater leeway, it allows for each individual to live his own life, in his usual way, and practice the example set by Doc Savage and his companions in everyday life. There is no need to set aside certain hours for the practice of our principles; there is no necessity to change your daily program in order to do as Doc Savage does.

All of our members have one constant reminder of their duties and of their pledge-the emblem of Doc Savage. This beautiful bronze reproduction of the bronze man is becoming more and more noticeable as new thousands add it to their coat lapels, or pin it on dresses or sweaters, each month. It is becoming the symbol of good citizenship and good living a sign of the most progressive people in this country. We have had examples of entire communities being made aware of this new code of living by the fine examples set by our members.

No wonder we become enthused over the prospects which lie before our membership! There isn't a single member of the Doc Savage Club who does not stand on the threshold of an entirely new life, for the very existence of our code, its daily practice, changes the aspect of things. You will find new life, new thrill, to living when you know that all the time you are thinking not only of yourself, but of others, also.

Let us have your interests in this great movement for a better world, and for better individuals. The coupon which will make you a member of our club, give you the membership card, and open to you all the advantages of this department and this magazine, is ready for your signature. There are no fees connected with our organization, and no dues. There is nothing you have to buy. If you wish, the emblem will be sent to you for a small charge, which only pays part of its cost. But the emblem is not as important as your willingness to live by the Code of Doc Savage, and to hold it up as a model not only to yourself, but to all with whom you come in contact. Show your real spirit-be a follower of our own Doc Savage.

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